About Us

Hey there! I'm Breann, and let me take you on a journey from a not-so-fun start to the radiant present. Back in college around 2010, I broke out head-to-toe in hives. The culprit? Two-fold. First, I was slathering myself with store-bought products boasting lengthy ingredient lists. Second, my college-student diet was, well, not winning any awards.

Faced with harsh Ohio winters and a skin rebellion, I embarked on a juice cleanse, revamped my diet, and bid farewell to chemical-laden products. One weekend at my parents' house, I poured my heart out about my skin struggles to my mom, the original DIY queen. Her nonchalant suggestion changed everything: "Why don't you make your own stuff?"

Enter my brother ,Bryson, and bags of health food store goodies. Amidst messy and failed attempts, emerged a product we were proud of. Our mom, Juenethia, gave her nod of approval, and after sharing samples with friends and family, we confidently set up shop at our college union.

While our initial store venture wasn't a profit jackpot, it fueled my passion. Fast forward to July 2021, my husband and I found ourselves falling in love with Portland during our honeymoon. Inspired by my brother's suggestion and the city's welcoming spirit, we packed our bags and called Portland home. Our 1st week here, I was approuched by the local paper, "The Willamette" and forever documented this wild start to our new life.

After my online job closed shop in January 2022, my brother and mom reignited the idea of crafting skincare products. With my husband's unwavering support, I dove into refining my recipes. By May 2022, I was accepted into local markets, and by June 2022, the pinnacle—Portland Saturday Market.

To my delight and surprise, we've sold out multiple times, basking in overwhelming local support. Juenethia has not just become a business; it's a testament to resilience, rediscovery, and the incredible power of community. Through rough times and a cross-country transition, the love for my products keeps me going.

Thank you for being part of this radiant journey. Here's to skincare, self-love, and the beautiful chaos of life! 💚🌿

With love always,


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